West Somerset Brass Roll of Honour

  Peter Wilson Sheild for most improved player Roger Paul trophy for Bandsman of the Year Alex Holwegg Cup for Training band member of the Year
1985 Martine Hooper    
1986 Katherine Jay / Mark Paul    
1987 Robert Wilson    
1988 Robert Coles    
1989 Niall Watson / Geoff Bevan    
1991 Natalie Potter    
1996 Isabel Fraser    
1998 Timothy Thornton    
1999 Jodie Brown / Charlotte Hudson    
2000 Jodie Brown    
2002 Jasmine Watson    
2003 Anna Rhodes Niall Watson  
2004 Jenni Robbins Jodie Brown / Dave Parkman  
2005 Lee Watson Anna Rhodes  
2006 Bethany Thompson / Lauren Watson Virgin Niall Watson  
 2007 Peter Middleton Peter Wilson  
2008 Lee Watson Peter Middleton  
2009 Sophie Holcombe Niall Watson  
2010 Barbara Middleton Peter Wilson  
2011 Sonya Barnes / Dave Parkman Claire Whitworth  
2012 Anna Rhodes John Coombs  
2013 Screech Isley Martin Niall Watson  
2014 Lee Watson Niall Watson   
2015 Screech Isley Claire Whitworth  
2016 Screech Isley / Sophie Whitworth Sonya Barnes  
2017 Ben Towells Claire Whitworth   
2018 Jenny Shelton Claire Whitworth   
2019 Pam Greene Sophie Whitworth  
2020 Richard Allen    
2021 Rupert Sanford Anna Rhodes Jasmin Dunn
2022 Amber Lintern Kieren Berry Jasmin Dunn