The band's nomination comes from their UK premiere of "Crash Bang Donkey", performed last August. The piece is based on a children's book written by local author Jill Newton and was originally set to music by American composer Joshua Guarisco for his 67-piece Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra.

In 2019, Jill gave the original score to the West Somerset Brass Band, which Musical Director Niall Watson then had transposed for a brass band, a complex process that took considerable effort. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the band's dedication ensured the project's completion.

The premiere took place during the Watchet Summertime event. The performance was narrated by bass player Colin Whitworth and was accompanied by Jill Newton's hand-painted storyboards, creating a memorable experience for the audience. This event showcased the band's commitment to engaging with their community and bringing innovative projects to life.

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